About Us

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About Us

Nomadic Weaves Pvt. Ltd.is a homegrown homeware brand focused on bringing Indian Handicrafts to the forefront. We felt the need to create and develop products that not only have the essence of our heritage but also, can be identified with modern décor.

Naming Our Brand

The word ‘Nomadic’ means to roam freely, frequently from time to time. We understand and admire the spirit as we believe the best form of any art can come only from those who are free within themselves.

Our belief in” Home is where the heart is and Heart is where the happiness lies” motivates us in creating designs that are bright, aesthetically pleasing and environment friendly. We not only decorate homes; we create stories that will go down in memory lanes.

We have a dedicated team who work earnestly to help us fulfil our passion for culture and creating sustainable livelihoods for those associated with this. We have a huge collection of bed linens, cushions and other decorative items beautifully handcrafted by artisans across India.

India is incredibly diversified with various artforms amalgaming into one another. We wanted to create a brand that celebrates our culture and heritage and styles your home in easy, effortless and tastefully.